Smart Servo gauge 954

Honeywell Enraf servo gauging systems provide a flexible and
adaptable solution for a wide range of terminal operations.
They are suitable for:

• Product and gas temperature with spot, average temperature
     measurement, or temperature profiling
• Product level
• Interface level
• Density measurement and profiling
• Direct water bottom measurement or via capacitive probes
• Average continuous density monitoring connecting one or more HART
    pressure transmitters
• TUV SIL certified NO/NC alarm relay contact and/or 4-20mA Analog output for direct connection to Safety or Distributed control system
• Easy integration with Honeywell Experion DCS system & Safety
• Manager ESD system
• Measurement ranges up to 150 m
• Working pressure up to 40 bar

CIU 888 R101

The next generation CIU for reliable,  accurate gauge and inventory data.  

The 888 series Communication Interface Unit (CIU) is the critical link between tank gauging equipment and control room systems. It provides the operator with reliable, accurate, real-time tank inventory data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Enraf SmartRadar Flexline

SmartRadar FlexLine, provides flexibility, letting you add options easily.  Supporting multiple functions, it covers all tank gauging needs.  

The base Radar module measures the product level by the microwave unit and  antenna. In addition six optional modules can housed in the SmartRadar  Flexline, to meet various I/O requirements of tank gauging. 

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