Special items

SIFAB has specialized in delivery of fabricated or machined special items (SI) according to customer requirements and needs.

SIFAB is working closely together with SFF AS to bid and supply SI packages / item’s on new offshore field development projects. We are currently supplying “Filters and Strainers” and Flame arrestors packages to the Ivar Aasen Project.

Engineering, documentation and fabrication work is closely followed by SIFAB’s experienced project managers.

Trough our close co-operation with GFSA, RPT Production AS and SFF AS we are able to deliver a wide range of “Special Items”.

We supply items in most material qualities like: Carbon Steel, 316SS, Duplex, Super duplex, Titanium, Bronze, Hastelloy etc.

For information needs or inquiries please use e-mail: post@sifab.no (phone +47 984 97000)

Alternatively contact one of our employees directly (see contact list).

Special Items SIFAB
Flow Straightener for Oil Application

Special Items SIFAB
Y-Type Strainer for Ivar Aasen

Scope of supply (examples)

Flow Straighteners Pipe adapters Y-Type Strainers
Taylor made up and downstream pool pieces Vessels T-Type Strainers
Measuring chambers for guided wave radars Brackets and Clamps Basket Strainers
Flow Meter bodies Filter Membrane Housings Seal Pots
Flare meter spool pieces with transducer holders Sea Water Filtration Skids Temporary Strainers
Seraphine Prover can Cartridge Filters Machined Items
Transition pieces Back flush Filters