SIFAB can offer Simco level gauges to oil & gas projects in Norway. We are working in close co-operation with J S Cock.


Simco Level Gauges has been on the market since 1974. Simco has grown t become a supplier of choice and a leading manufacturer of Liquid Level Gauges and associated valves to the Oil and Gas Industry.
A new LED light system developed for level gauges to meet the market demands for lighter weight, higher quality and reduced costs. The solution not only meets those demands, but it also offers full customization with regards to module length and LED color.

Reflex Liquid Level Gauge

Simco Reflex liquid level gauges are designed to operate based on the difference in the refractive indices of liquid and vapour. The liquid flows through the gauge chamber behind the viewing glass located on only one side of the instrument and which is clamped to the gauge body. The viewing glass is made from toughened borosilicate glass and has prismatic right-angled grooves on the side facing the liquid and vapour space. Light entering from outside the gauge is then absorbed or reflected depending upon whether it strikes the liquid or vapour space. When liquid is present the glass will appear black where it is in contact with the process medium and when no liquid is present the glass is silvery / white thus the level can be seen.
This type of gauge is used for measuring the total liquid level of clean fluids in a vessel.

Transparent Liquid Level Gauge

Simco Transparent liquid level gauges consist of two flat transparent glasses where the light can enter / exit from the back to the front of the gauge thus illuminating the liquid level which is contained in the chamber separating the  two glasses. The liquid level is indicated by the different transparency of the two media.
A source of light (Illuminator) maybe located at the back of the transparent level gauge, light from the illuminator passes through the process fluid and is then viewed by the observer so that a level measurement can seen.
This type of gauge is used for measuring both total and interface liquid level of fluids in a vessel and also allows the use of Mica shields on the glass for excellent protection in  steam service (if the environment is corrosive then Kel-F shields should be used instead).

Magnetic Level Gauge

A magnetic level gauge involves the use of a permanent magnet sealed inside a closed float whose rise and fall causes the rotation of bi-coloured magnetic rollers or flappers. The float is situated inside the chamber of the instrument in contact with the process medium and is not able to be viewed from the outside. The float inside the chamber is coupled to bi-coloured magnetic rollers / flappers installed in an indicating rail which is attached to the outside of the chamber. The red colour indicates the presence of liquid while the point where the colour is white shows the level of liquid in the vessel.

For this type of instrument chemical compatibility, temperature, specific gravity (density), buoyancy and viscosity are all important in the selection and design process especially for the float. For example, larger floats may be used with liquids with specific gravities as low as 0.4 while still maintaining buoyancy.

A magnetic level gauge can be used for measuring either total or interface level and offer an alternative solution to traditional reflex / transparent gauges. Accessories such as switches / transmitters can be supplied and fitted to this type of gauge and it is not necessary to have isolation valves as there is no glass to break.

Tubular Liquid Level Gauge

Simco Tubular liquid level gauges, are a cost effective method of visual liquid level indication for tanks operating at low pressures.  The instruments consist of a toughened continuous section of boroslicate glass tube which is connected at both the top and bottom to an isolation valve.  The connection between the valve and glass is sealed by means of a rubber gasket contained within a union on the valve.  The isolation valves used on this type of instrument are most commonly the ‘off set’ pattern type as this allows for the gauges to be cleaned (Roddable).

Isolation Valves

Simco isolation valves have been specifically designed for use with liquid level gauges  and are available in a variety of materials suitable for temperature and pressure ranges to meet  most specifications. Valves are available in both straight and offset pattern designs and have a selection of vessel and gauge connections to fit a variety of mounting requirements.

A standard feature with Simco Valves is the automatic safety ball checks. In the event of the glass breaking the ball check seats to prevent the loss of vessel contents. All valves may be repacked under pressure with the back seating arrangement ensuring complete shut off.

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