SIFAB AS is representing McCrometer in Norway. McCrometer is a US manufacturer of V-Cone differential pressure and electromagnetic flowmeters.

McCrometer V-cone Oil&Gas applications
Since 1955

V-Cone meters are supplied to a large number of applications offshore Norway. McCrometer develops innovative, high-quality, precision flow meters for the most demanding liquid, steam and gas measurement applications. 

V-cone meters can be taylor made to fit special applications and manufactured according to client needs and requirements. Short straight pipe requirements gives the V-Cone meter an advantage compared to other measurement principles. 

How does it work

High pressure port senses the line ( gauge) pressure of the process. The cone by reducing the free flow area, increase the velocity of the flow and as result create a discharge pressure that is lower than line pressure. The Low pressure port senses the discharge pressure, so across the High and Low Pressure ports, a Differential pressure (DP) can be sensed. Such DP is a direct measurement of the Volumetric Flow inside the pipe.


0.5% of rate (certain fluids and Reynolds number applications may require specific calibrations to achieve this value) 
±0.1% or better 
Flow Ranges: 
10:1 and greater 
Standard Beta Ratios: 
0.45 through 0.85, custom betas available 
Head Loss: 
Varies with beta ratio and dP 
Installation Piping Requirements: 
Typically 0-3 diameters upstream and 0-1 diameter downstream of the cone are required, depending on fittings or valves in the adjacent pipeline 
Materials of Construction Include: 
S304, S316, Duplex 2205 and 2507,
Carbon steels, Hastelloy C276, 6Mo, other materials are available on request 
Line Sizes: 
0.5” to 120” or larger 
End Fittings: 
Flanged, threaded, hub or weld-end standard – Others on request

Approvals for the V-Cone Flow Meter:

NORSOK/TR approved
Meters in compliance with PED 2014/68/EU Annex III, module H are available upon request
ISO 9001:2018 certified quality management system 
ISO 5167-5

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