SIFAB AS is representing Maloney in Norway. Maloney manufactures rubber prover spheres for pipe proves and pipelines.

Maloney Prover Spheres

Maloney Spheres are specially designed and compounded for optimum
resiliency, wear-resistance and long life, evidenced by the thick wall construction.
Maloney Spheres are compression-molded at cavity pressure exceeding 2000PSI.  Maloney do neither pour-cast nor rotational-mold any of their spheres.
Thicker walls, long wear life, premium materials are some key words used to describe Maloney’s Inflatable Prover Spheres.
Maloney Spheres are used on a number of pipe prover applications offshore Norway.


The Maloney Sphere Picker is designed to allow spheres from 6” through 36” in diameter to be removed from locations which would be difficult to access with slings, nets or other lifting devices.
The Sphere Picker can also be used to lift and place spheres on loading racks or storage racks. 


The Maloney Pressure Pump is designed for filling and inflating Pipeline Spheres. As a simple, mechanical pump it is suitable for use in remote field locations and is ruggedly designed to operate reliably with minimal maintenance required.
The pump itself is a single acting, positive displacement, hand operated unit capable of pressure levels approaching 300 PSI, well above anticipated requirements.

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