SIFAB has an agreement working together with Emerson with sales and distribution of flowmeters in Norway.

Elite Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

ELITE Coriolis flow meters are the preferred solution for critical applications such as custody transfer, two-phase flow and more. Designed for superior mass flow, density and volume measurement in the widest variety of line sizes and materials, ELITE Coriolis flow meters deliver the most accurate, repeatable measurement for liquids, gases or slurries.


Micro Motion H-Series Hygienic Coriolis Flow and Density Meters

Ideal for hygienic process-control applications, H-Series flow meters are accurate, low frequency, fit-and-forget meters with a compact, drainable, cleanable design. Get reliable performance under extreme process conditions, including entrained gas.

Micro Motion™ TA-Series Flow and Density Meters

Tantalum (TA) meters deliver superb measurement with exceptional flow and density performance as well as outstanding reliability in corrosive service environments.

Best fit for application
■ Remote transmitters available to match installation mounting requirements
■ All wetted materials constructed from tantalum to handle corrosive applications such as acids

Exceptional reliability and safety
■ Low operating frequency for robust measurement
■ Reliable sensor design minimizes down time and process interruption costs

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