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SIFAB is a Norwegian company focusing on supplying high-quality products to the Oil & Gas industry. Thanks to our manufacturers and experienced partner we are able to supply skid packages, special items (SI), machined parts, and specialized products to the oil & gas industry.

Experienced Project Managers follow our projects from internal kick-off to delivery of final documentation. SIFAB delivers tailor-made / fabricated NORSOK skid packages.

SIFAB is a specialized supplier of Special Items in the Norwegian Oil & Gas market. SIFAB has agencies on Flow Metering Instruments/solutions and delivers flowmeters for custody transfer, fiscal, and process applications.

SIFAB is based at Orstad near Stavanger Norway. Our employees have a versatile background with years of experience within the manufacturing of offshore products. Our team consists of a specialist within each field of our operation, including engineers and sales personnel.

HSE is highly valued at SIFAB, and we constantly try to improve it. We think a better HSE plan makes a better working environment, and eventually, that will show off in the final product we deliver.

Tom Sverre Falch


Tom has worked with product deliveries to the Oil and Gas industries since 1996, and worked at SIFAB since 2011.
He now works with main responsibility in sales and daily operations at Sifab.

Oliver Vetland


Oliver Took a certificate of apprenticeship as a Process Operator at Alcoa Lista (2006-2008) then a bachelor’s degree in Gas and Energy Technology (Chemical Engineer) at Telemark University College (2008-2011)
He started working at Sifab in November 2011 and has participated in all the projects Sifab has been involved in.


Sayed Mustafa Mortazavi


Mustafa is a service engineer at SIFAB. He also assumes the roles of design and project engineer. He holds a degree in electrical automation engineering from the University of Southeastern Norway. He started working at sifab in October 2021.

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Quality Comes First! We Make Sure That Every Minute Detail Is Looked Into While Manufacturing Even The Smallest Product. Our Focus Is 100% On Client Needs And Satisfaction.